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Alitalia, Italy

American Express, California

AmSouth Bank, Nashville, Tennessee

Association for International Communication, Tenryu, Japan

Association of Women for Action and Research, Singapore

Austrian Consulate, Budapest, Hungary

Austrian Embassy, Moscow, Russia

Auswärtigen AMT, Germany

A/YA Society, St. Petersburg, Russia

California Institute for Research in the Arts, California

Carroll and Nancy O’Conner Foundation, California

Casa de la Mujer, Oaxaca, Mexico

City Forests Owners Coop, Tenryu, Japan

Council of Women’s Organizations, Singapore

Department of Education, Basel, Switzerland

Department of Education, Nashville, Tennessee

Documentation Center for Women, Graz, Austria

Federal Ministry of Education and Fine Arts, Graz, Austria

Foundation for Women’s Art, London, UK

Gail Berkus, California

Gould Family Foundation, California

Gruppa Maska, Milan, Italy

Humanities Council, Salt Lake City, Utah

Italian Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya

Jan and Homer Nottingham, California

Jon and Lillian Lovelace, California

Konsulat Österreich‎, Graz, Austria

KK Women and Children’s Hospital, Singapore

KLM, Netherlands

Kulturpauschale Basel-Stadt, Basel, Switzerland

Lyons Family Foundation, California

Mastercard, Southeast Asia

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee

Montecito Bank and Trust, California

Municipality of Graz, Austria

Municipality of Jerusalem, Israel

Na’amat, Movement of Working Women and Volunteers, Jerusalem, Israel

National Arts Council, Singapore

Nomura Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

Philip and Aida Siff Educational Foundation, California

Pro Helvetia Foundation, Switzerland

Russische Botchaft, Vienna, Austria

Sanwa Bank, Tokyo, Japan

Shizuoka Shimbun Broadcasting System, Shizuoka, Japan

Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations, Singapore

Singapore National Arts Council, Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore

Sony Pictures Entertainment, USA

Tajima Creative, California

Time Magazine, Southeast Asia

Tokyo Urban Gas and Development, Tokyo, Japan

Toronto School District, Toronto, Canada

Tourism Board, Singapore

United Nations Development Fund for Women Beyond Borders, USA

University of California Institute for Research for the Arts, Los Angeles, California

University Women’s Association, Singapore

University of Utah Women’s Week Committee, Salt Lake City, Utah

U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

VSA arts, Washington D.C., and 83 affiliates, Worldwide

Wells Fargo Foundation, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wood Village Coop, Tenryu, Japan

Women’s Art Resource Centre, Toronto, Canada