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Bali Spirit

Ni Putu Sriani
Bali 2001

The box is covered in a black and white check cloth which together with the red thread gives us the following: red, white and black, together with a Chinese coin as used in balinese traditions.

The significance is:

The cloth covering the box is a symbol of this world in which there are always two opposites, for example: day/night; good/evil; rich/poor; etc.

The round coin with a hole signifies that life is never ending and the world is always turning.

The three colours represent the three great Gods called “have the meaning: dengan adanya TRI MURTI. Each of these three Gods have their own characteristics, which are:

– Dewa Brahma is represented by fire which is a creative force. Everything in nature is represented by the red colour.

– Dewa Wisnu the God of water, protects the contents of our natural world and His colour is black

– Dewa Siwa, the Wind, is the Destroyer, whose colour is white.