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Bridge Between

Nicaela Callimanopulos
Greece 1996

I have been working with the image of the moon for the past two years, which on many levels has associations with women and the universal.

As my work is largely abstract, incorporating the specificity of the form and object of “the box” was a challenge.  The association with Pandora’s box set my mind back to the beginning of humanity, the myth of creation, the fall of man, loss of innocence, knowledge, and in particular, how woman is perceived. I began wanting to turn the box into a bridge, using it as a metaphor for women’s ability to access a more open-oriented position (meaning).  A bridge gives access between two lands, worlds, positions; over what seems impassable.

The material and color of the box dictated the other components of the work.  (There is a fleshiness to cedar and clay.)  The two ceramic circles which I used, connect the bridge, continuing and expanding the human sensation into abstraction.  The work relates to lack and possibility, of balance.

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