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Elena Mary Siff

Elena Mary Siff
Curator, Board Member, and Co-Founder of Women Beyond Borders

There is no hierarchy in this exhibition. We are all creating a piece from the same inexpensive pine box and there is a real sense of us supporting one another. We are women artists of all ages, from all economic backgrounds, and with varying degrees of professional reputation in the “art world.” As this project has grown and the dialogue with other international artists has increased, through the fax and Internet, it is apparent that there is a vital stream which is flowing among us as the exhibition begins its epic voyage. Whatever happens on the way is the essence of Women Beyond Borders.

 – Elena Siff, WBB Artist


Elena Mary Siff and her husband Sam Erenberg were responsible for several of WBB’s International Exhibitions. Elena acted as a contact for the Boxes on the Train Exhibition, the Oaxacan Exhibition, the Cultural Olympiad, and the Australian Exhibition. We at WBB would like to give thanks for their hard work and dedication to the cause since its inception.


Elena Siff during the World Premiere of Women Beyond Borders, hosted at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum


Elena Mary Siff- In the Garden, 1999


Lorraine Serena and Elena Mary Siff with a group of students from Stella Maris College in Manly, Australia


Elena Mary Siff- Narcissism, Me, Me, Me, etc., 1999

My box is titled ‘Narcissism, Me, Me, Me, etc.’ because I live in the dream capital of the world where appearance is paramount, and hope springs eternal.


According to the myth of Pandora, when the winged souls, the 10,000 woes, the spites that plagued mankind, were released by Pandora from the jar, only HOPE was left behind in the jar, and it was delusive HOPE that discouraged the mortals, through her lies, from committing a general suicide.


Because I live in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by vain, foolish, mischievous, idle, and beautiful women, such as Pandora, I felt compelled to turn my box into an anti-feminist statement, that Pandora would have appreciated.


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