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In Memoriam

Isabel Ruiz
Guatemala 1997

For many years, Guatemala has seen itself drained of its blood.  The survivors of the war have become like witnesses who will be able to tell the different violence-ridden anecdotes and facts so that such events may never return to repeat themselves.  And the dead, as silent witnesses who will attest to the importance of regenerating the earth and hope.  With their ashes they will free our memory.

Specifically, in this little box, I have deposited the ashes of a dear Mexican friend who, with passion and solidarity, lives with us the repressive and depressing situation of the early nineties in our  country.

In thinking about the dead that the war left behind, and the friend who shared the hope and hopelessness of the Guatemalan creators, this box comes to be a metaphor of all those situations where tenderness and pain appear with the same intensity.