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Make a Rhythm Called Silence Next to Transfiguration

Hisako Kato
Japan 1995

Soundless loud voice
Silent move
If no sound is the loudest noise which someone gives,
Silence is an allegory only for some.

Organisms bring silence, rhythm and perfection. The shape of the organism and the balance of energy is given out by the organism through me, naturally.

Why is the shape made by nature so fluent in spite of taciturnity? It may be a wrong thing to deform a complete thing by making over it as a work. But I think that meeting the “thing” is going to be much wider by adding my power and moving the space.

A space has energy, resonates with energy from objects, makes a noise and rhythm, hops, bumps, and bursts open. The organisms soundlessly cross between their energy and ours.

To embody “the voice” is my hope, and it is pleasant to have a relationship with it through my work.