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Missoula Art Museum

Missoula, Montana
March 12 – June 8, 2007

Laura Millin, Executive Director
Steve Glueckert, Curator
Renee Taaffe, Curator of Education
Meridith Rippey, Missoula Art Museum Visitor Services
Cricket Winfield, Coordinator


Missoula Montana continues to feel the ripple effect of Women Beyond Borders

– Cricket Wingfield, WBB Coordinator



Over 1,200 fifth graders from Missoula County came to the museum every school day for three months throughout the exhibition to view the boxes and to discuss women’s issues. As the students entered the museum, both boys and girls were given cards with a specific issue relating to women. They viewed the works and collected information in reference to their card. Earnest discussions followed giving the students new insights into women. Next, the group viewed the WBB World Tour video and then created their own boxes.




Think you know what a box is? Google offers 44 definitions of the word, drawn from 32 different sources… Not one of the definitions dredged up by Google mentions the word “feminine” or “woman.” Yet to more than 900 women in 50 nations around the world, a simple, pine box has become a symbol not only of femininity, but of the cultural concerns, economic challenges and personal struggles that bind all women around the world.

– Joe Nickell, Writer, Missoulian Daily Newspaper