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Mother Ireland

Mairin McGee
Ireland 1999

This box as I first saw it started off as a “box nichili”, the more I analyzed it the more vague it became. But as I admired the perfect symmetry and beauty of this innocuous little box, we developed a very strong bond, and I knew I would be very loathe to part with it. It was this bonding that inspired my theme.

Mother Ireland bore her children in the knowledge that emigration was inevitable. The egg represents the womb, with the never to be severed umbilical cords spreading out to all parts of the world and generation after generation respecting and remembering their roots.

I shall never forget you my “bosca bag”, and I sincerely hope wheresoever your sojourn takes you, you will be my “box popoli”, “vox humana”.

Slan agus beannacht my little wooden friend.