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Our House, Our Home

Thanh Van Tran
Vietnam 1997

I am sure that you would be attracted by the beautiful landscape of the Vietnamese countryside. The lush, expansive fields spread wide and the rivers flow gently into the silent sunset.

There is one thing that is so much a part of our lives…the thatch-roofed cottage.  No matter where we live, we conjure up images of our cottages when we get homesick.  They are remnants left behind by our ancestors from a long time ago. They are features of natural beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. Do you know that although they are made of simple, natural materials such as different types of bamboo and palm leaves, they have covered us during rainy and sunny seasons.  Some of the houses are built on stilts to protect us against floods and the attack of the wild animals in the night.

Seeing is believing, so we hope that you will come to my country, if only once to see the cottages. You will love them as we do.