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The Private Cosmic Library

Dorit Feldman
Israel 1995

The “Private-Cosmic Library” probes three possibilities for encoding conscious and public databases along a time axis.

The disk is made of painted cast aluminum, actualizing modern types of codes, encoding information on computerized disks, accumulating familiar signs from the language of electronics within and metaphysical signs in personal-code rhythm language.

The libraries appearing in the brown photographs characterize hundreds of years of book printing, a whole web of cultures and memories open to intimate browsing and learning from generation to generation. The “Private-Cosmic Library” is expressed by the simple fact that these are photographs of the libraries in my home with a portrait assimilated therein and many books in the field of art and metaphysics.

The sculpture-object itself opens as a book closet and alternatively, appears to be a small shrine by virtue of the crystal pyramid and three quartz columns.

In mineral terminology, these types of crystals are used for energy acceleration. According to mythology in the culture of pre-historic Atlantis, all information encoding was carried out energetically upon crystals. In light of the reawakening of the effectiveness of natural crystals, advanced technological achievements are brought closer to the furthest past.

In the cloak of time, past, present and future take place upon a circular axis, and the internal memory is the collective memory. With the hope that despite the physical miniature dimension of the work, the work will expand itself towards the open space.

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