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Six Interconnecting Planes Of Carbon – One Diamond

Kate Brown
Canada 1998

I wanted to eradicate the borders of the box and create an open field, so I took the lid and four sides off and placed them flat. I then reconnected each rectangle to the other from the back by using black velvet for hinges. Once I had this field of interconnecting planes, I thought about how over time, the possibility lies the hope for the future. I then burned the field of interconnecting planes, turning the wood to carbon. Within the central rectangle (that had been the bottom of the inside of the box). I inlaid a diamond to demonstrate the reality of evolution. The piece is to be either hung or placed flat, IN THE HORIZONTAL CONFIGURATION AND NOT vertically. This is quite intentional to allow for a broader reading than a figurative (totem) placement would permit and is, I believe, visually more consistent with the concept.