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The Dream Boat

Trang Anh Nguyen
Vietnam 1997

Once, I saw a fishing boat speeding through the waves of the sea. The foam beat against the sides of the boat and splashed up into the air. I watched the scene attentively and believed that the fisherman going to the sea in that boat must have brought with him a dream, a hope for a good haul of fish that day.

Remembering the scene, I have crafted a white model boat made from thin threads of white glue, which also create an illusion of foam floating in the air.  I name it The Dream Boat. I hope that in the near future there is no war, no famine, and that no one will suffer from poverty, children will enjoy more care and attention, women will receive  equal status and more recognition and that the deadly disease AIDS will be wiped out so that it would no longer destroy lives.

Those are my dreams and my boat is the vessel carrying those dreams along  for an everlasting world peace.

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