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The Wells of the Virgins

Vana Xenou
Greece 1996

The mysteries of Eleusis, is the theme I have been working on since 1992.  It is about a long research I have been doing on forgotten rites and their symbolism.  An endeavor based on the writings of ancients and also of contemporaries on Greek art. The fertility of the earth-womb and children’s tomb symbolized by the well, which encloses the water of life, the water that purifies, but also fecunds, is inseparable from the earth.  The archetypal image of the mother/daughter, Demeter and Persephone as identical characters.  As well as Persephone’s ravishment by Hades, refers to the sexual act and to marriage.  Finally, its descent and raising represent death and resurrection.  Always assumed, the unknown rites have to be imagined…