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Today Women

Patricia Liew
Singapore 2001

Women in today’s world have various facets, she is expected to fulfill multiple roles and there exist many issues which demands her time and energy.  The 4 sides of the box depict today women various circles of concern;

Family- She has to fulfill the role of good daughter to her parents, a loving wife to her husband and of course, a caring mother to her children.  She doesn’t only need to spend quality time with each but is also expected to keep in touch with their worlds, traditions and trends. Hence, observation of traditional customs such as Chinese New Year, celebrating Valentine’s day, knowing the difference between Ash, Pikachu and Teletubbies…the list goes on.

Career- She is naturally the co-bread winner, especially in Singapore’s society. In a knowledge based economy she has to fulfill the expectations and obligations of a model employee. She is expected to be efficient, innovative, receptive to the ever changing corporate identity (mergers and acquisitions making it more exciting), requirements and culture.

Social- In between all the juggling, she keeps herself updated of the news, happenings, fashion, trends, movies, television programs (even if she has no time for them–at least she must know what’s showing!) And definitely, squeeze in time for friends, neighbors, and maybe even some charitable work.

Self-Intellectual/Spiritual/Physical- In an increasingly borderless world, life long learning is becoming the norm–continuous education, for the diploma holders–the dream is to obtain a degree.  For the degree holders, the aim is to complete an MBA, for the MBA and MSC holders–a Ph.D.? Today, women must keep in touch with the internet world–or else she would be lost in the sea of information.

Health is important too–so time is needed for exercise.  Of course, not to forget spiritual needs as well.

Reflection- Today women, to perform her roles well–is that a challenge or an expectation?  In today society, there is no other alternative, so today women must make best of whatever resource she has, develop her skills, increase her knowledge and extend her circle of influence–with the sole objective of playing her roles well.


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