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Transmitting Life

Ho Soon Yean

This project is dedicated to my father. My dad has been a friend to me since I was young. Being a traditional Asian man, he has never made me feel inferior for being female. In fact, he gave me the space to develop my potential as a person. This work allows me to express my reflections on my dad’s failing health. Initially, I wanted to portray the notion of dying, but through prayers and time spent with him, I realized that even though his days are numbered, his undying sense of humor, his child-likeness, and his concern and love for the well-being of his loved ones have never diminished. Through his dying, I gradually learn to live; not to escape but to be present and available to my family. The red paper signifies the vibrancy of life which my father shares with me. In a symbolic gesture, visitors are encouraged to touch the paper and get their fingers tainted and red.

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