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What’s a Box Got to Do with it? Reflections on the Body…


Broome Gallery, California State University, Channel Islands

Camarillo, California
January 31 – March 25, 2011

Dr. Anette Kubitza, Curator
Lorraine Serena, Curator


The group of boxes selected for this exhibition focuses on issues of subjectivity and the body from a variety of perspectives. The box, providing an inner space as well as an interface to the world, becomes a metaphor for the body itself in its myriad expressions by hundreds of women. It has provided a vehicle for introspection as well as dialogue, reflecting the personal feelings and realities of women across the world.

– Dr. Anette Kubitza, Art Historian



This WBB exhibition, addressing women and their bodies, was  shown in conjunction with an interdisciplinary symposium and weeklong program entitled Facing Our Bodies which took place during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (January 31 – March 24, 2011). Organizers were Dennis Downey, Professor of Sociology and Irina Costache, Professor of Art History. Dr. Justine Reel, a University of Utah professor and specialist in eating disorders and body image delivered a keynote speech. The exhibit featured a selection of approximately 80 boxes from the “Women Beyond Borders” collection. Co-curated by Anette Kubitza,  Ph.D. an Art lecturer at CSUCI, and artist Lorraine Serena, founder and artistic director of Women Beyond Borders.


Anette Kubitza, Ph.D.