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Growth of A Movement

WBB celebration dinner after the opening in Toronto

Collaboration is the ultimate civilizing impulse. – June Wayne, Artist

From 1991 to the present, Women Beyond Borders has grown from a small group of passionate artists with an idea into a globe-spanning movement dedicated to sharing women’s experiences with the world. Through their efforts, tens of thousands of people all across the planet have been moved by the unique visions and stories of each artist through their creations.

Since its inception, Women Beyond Borders has acted as a catalyst for cultural exchange and change worldwide, thus taking a pivotal position at the intersection of contemporary art and today’s increasingly globalized, multicultural, and digitally connected society.

 – Anette G. Kubitza, Ph.D., Art History


Community building is, above all, an art movement about inclusion.

 – Betty Ann Brown, Ph.D., Art Historian/Critic/Curator


The project is a celebration of this progress and a movement forward with one another. This is a timely project which documents women’s visions and connects them at the end of a century which has seen their struggle for rights and freedoms.

 – Nancy Doll, Director – Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum


Ranging from contemporary and abstract content to political and conscious-building messages, these compelling pieces give insight into the lives of our individual women while breaking down barriers and creating a global movement of women’s voices.

 – Anette G. Kubitza, Ph.D., Art History


Women Beyond Borders continues to grow, with the stage play becoming part of an ongoing movement which summons all women to express themselves. It belongs to all of us, it is a summons to all women to express themselves.

 – Lorraine Serena, Founder


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