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Dinner with Ridgecrest artists


Maturango Museum

Ridgecrest, CA
September 1 – October 13, 2004


Barbara Andolsek – Dreams Fly, California, USA 2004


Barbara Andolsek – Dreams Fly – California, USA
Inside this box, within a bird, a dream is sealed.


Please PICK-UP and hold this wise, matriarchal creature. Shake her gently and listen. Hear her dream stir? What is within her; within you? Permit your vision to awaken emboldened, released with wings spread and soar beyond every limitation that you impress upon yourself.


Goethe said, “Whatever you do, or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Truly, all women have dreams and passions pleading to be set free on the wings of imaginary flight.


Kelley Serena, Hearth, USA – California, 1999


Kelley Serena – Hearth – California, USA
Diverse meanings are attached to the shape of a box. This particular box represents the amalgam of two ideas. The first is the idea that all our judgments and ill-imagined, preconceived notions might go up in flames so that we might remember to view each other with fresh, clear perspective.


The other idea is that each of us would throw our boxes of hope and treasure onto the pyre for warmth of body and food on a cold night. This flame of necessity, real for some, but taken for granted by others, might illumine a way of looking at life – that we might value the bare essentials of life more than we do – and care for those who don’t have them.


The green flame represents the possibility for growth and a new way of life that would rise from the kindling of excess with unsurpassed brilliance.


Betty Spindler – Woman Thinking Outside the Box , USA – California, 2004



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